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Laura-Nali-Jo's Journal
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Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in Laura-Nali-Jo's LiveJournal:

Sunday, June 20th, 2004
2:43 am
From the topmost tower of the tall citadel, she murmured, "You shall be revived."

And setting pen to paper, she began to write, and the words echoed downwards and over all the land.


And it shall be. I'm done with Chapter One of ___thing____. *beam*

- Jo, Slave to the Citadel on High!
Saturday, June 29th, 2002
12:33 am
Her name was Angel...
*~*~*~*~*~*~* Falling and Rising *~*~*~*~*~*~*

Her name was Angel, and she shone like a star,
And they loved her more than the others by far,
She sold off her soul to the highest of prices,
but no one would question her various vices.
All day she would tease and cajole and carouse,
at night she would fuck and make love and arouse,
From violent to graceful, from stroking to sex,
her awesome abilities always perplexed.
Position and posture and rhythm and style,
Her specialities lay with all things penile.
But deep her her heart, away from the world,
a serpentine secret lay halfway uncurled,
It struggled and bit and fought deep within,
til one day she knew that her secret was sin.
the men that she fucked and the times she was laid,
they all mattered less than how much she was paid.
So Lucifer came to her deep in the night,
And said, "Treat your johns with a little less spite,
Else when you die and the church's bells toll,
The ground gets your body, and I get your soul."
She batted her lashes, twined fingers through hair,
replied to the Devil, "I really don't care.
Don't matter at all if I go or I stay,
I'm already living in Hell anyway.
I've had my great beauty since just past pubescence,
and since then my men have all lacked luminescence!
My talents are boundless, you know I speak truth,
Comparitively all the men are uncouth.
I'm tired of living, not loving but yearning,
It's not lust, but in hell, at least I'd be burning."
The devil flushed red(der) - he liked girls with passion.
She saw that he'd risen (well, after a fashion.)
The girl's lips curled upwards; she quickly took stock,
A good-looking body, an average cock,
(Now brace for a bad joke - no trust me, it's corny)
He wasn't all that, but at least he was horny!
Of all of your sins, lust's the best of the seven,
And Angel rode him like a bat out of heaven.
With all of her skills, she gave him elation,
and she was surprised with the reciprocation,
His tongue gave her pleasure she thought had been corked
(by the time they wound down she was thoroughly forked.)
And though she'd had many a trick in her time
(from the gangbang with two drunks, a clown and a mime
to the missionary-obsessed Catholic priest,)
this one with Satan she'd hated the least.
And when they both came, and she had recovered,
she felt (besides sore) that she'd been self-discovered.
She treated the Devil with love, care, and trust -- oh!
The whore now had sex with new, enthused gusto!
She croaked in an alley, exhausted to dying,
But she was still good, and the johns were still buying,
She landed in hell at the end of her life,
But now had the role of the Devil's new wife.
They fucked 'til eternity, and the moral is: When
bright Angels fall, they can rise again.
(But we girls don't get the choice of our picks,
Short of teen males, it don't happen with dicks.)
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